07 December, 2016

Christmas wreath

Mail. I'm sure everyone gets tons of messages in their inbox(es) evey day.
I for myself try to sort most of it out by the sender and/or subject, deleting those I won't need and leaving all the others to be checked asap. The timing of "asap" may vary depending on my real-life commitments, and once I do check, I usually start with messages that I for some reason consider important or urgent. On some occasions however, I change this order on purpose, doing routine mail first and leaving the messages I think might be "special" to be checked last.

With this in mind, one of the last messages I opened one day in the middle of October was one sent by Slovenia's first challenge blog. Upon realizing the ladies were asking me to become their GDT in December, I was somewhere between being speechless and doing a happy dance. How cool is that? Hvala, punce!
Soon, I received my tasks, which gave me the chance to start thinking and re-thinking long before my projects were due. And finally, today I can present my DT inspiration for the first challenge of the month, which would be "Christmas wreath". 
As my task was to create a greeting card featuring a wreath of Christmas greenery, I decided to search my stash for that pickpoint pattern of a decorated Christmas wreath. Just like a while ago, I combined my stitcing yarns with shimmering rhinestones to add a 3D effect to the motif. 
For a little extra volume to the pine branches, I coloured their background with coloured pencils.
As I decided to go for a rather flat card, I didn't use any 3D pads on the back of the stitched card. Instead, I glued it directly on the purple background paper featuring embossed flowers.
That's all from me for now, feel free to link up your Christmas-wreath-themed cards here in the next 2 weeks for the chance to win a couple of cool prizes. I can't wait to see what you'll come up with ;)

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03 December, 2016

Erlangen part VI - Surprise me again

No matter how I put it, I just can't seem to get all my projects up-to-date, but I guess I'll have to go one post at a time and maybe get through one day. 

Surprises are a funny thing to me. In general, I'd say I like to know what to expect, but I do like to take a surprise here and there. When I go somewhere, I tend to make a detailed plan of what I'd like to see, but after I've seen the first places of interest on my list, I usually end up following my daily mood or the weather, skipping a thing or two and choosing a path that just pops up in front of me, leading me to something unexpected.
During my stay in Erlangen, I walked on the riverside past the clinics once, just to find another botanical garden. Following its theme, it houses fragrance plants, and pobably autumn was present here more than anywhere else in the city.
However, looking closely there was still much of bloom and life, and it must be beautiful to sit in the midst of its lavender fields in summer. A wonderful orientation tool: each plant here is equipped with a useful chart tintroducing its main characteristics and uses. 
I could easily go with the "big botanical garden", too. I must have visited it almost daily, and would certainly love to explore its greens again...
Even though it said good-bye with rain and cold winds, one simply has to love a city that has machines for bicycle hoses :) And I sure hope it will surprise me again one day...
Somewhere in Bavaria... Not exactly Bavarian blue, but well, I guess one just can't have it all :)
Quiet evening skies somewhere near Spittal...
... And the well-known silhouette of Dobrač/Dobratsch.
A little contribution to the gallery of sky-image at Raumfee.

~ the end ~